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Chu Lum and the "Bath of the Five Elements"

Traditional Tibetan medicine also works with the healing power or potential of water in the form of baths. The decisive factor is the choice of water -  with a certain natural mineral character - or its preparation, eg by cooking selected herbs. Heating, immersion in a bath and targeted inhalation of rising vapors connect all the primary elements in a common, water-borne healing action.

When will we use Chu Lum?

In addition to the generally useful and pleasant relaxing effect, special baths are suitable for various forms of stiffness of limbs, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and for paralysis and muscle infection. They can also help with swelling of the limbs and watery swelling. Traditional Tibetan medicine also recommends certain baths as external therapy for abscesses and ulcers.

Bucket Hot Tub
Hot Tub

How does Chu Lum work?

Baths in carefully selected mineral or specially prepared, herbal-enriched waters use the relaxing and binding power of the water element to mediate variously shaded healing effects. Water carries certain heat, and as needed certain minerals or herbal essences. The bath itself and the inhalation of water vapor work.

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