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Cupping - diagnosis, pain relief, flow of life energies 

Poetically called a "fire bowl" or "bowl of nectar," it is best done in Tibetan tradition using copper flasks and natural fire. Copper has specific properties and, according to traditional wisdom, a special cleansing ability due to the vital energy of the body. After a while, the flasks heated by the fire are applied to the designated places. The effects are both immediate, such as the identification and relief of pain, and holistic and constitutional, as precisely targeted support for the smooth flow of life energies.

When is the best way to use cupping?

Cupping is very useful and effective for acute pain, for relieving and relieving pain, such as blockages in the upper body, stiffness and muscle tension, sciatica, arthritis and menstrual problems. It is also effective in respiratory disorders and respiratory diseases, whether colds or asthma, and in hyperventilation. It also acts on the overall stimulation and strengthening of immunity.

Cupping Treatment

How does it work?

External therapy releases blocked and urban energy by applying heated bowls, and specifically  thus supporting the harmonious and relaxed flow of life forces in the body. The flasks are applied in a targeted manner to certain places, so the entire process can be thoughtfully managed and controlled. In addition to mental relaxation and harmonisation of the breath in the body, relaxation and surface stimulation are also evident in the flow of blood and lymph and in the overall effects on intercellular fluids.

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