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Horme - harmonisation of life energy

This therapeutic technique was called "Mongolian moxa" by ancient Tibetan doctors ("amchi"). Its origins are derived from one of the ancient kingdoms, which existed 4,000 years ago in Tibet. Selected mixtures of herbs and seeds in a soft natural substance, immersed in sun or sesame oil heated by fire, are applied to certain parts of the body, key to the flow of life energy so as to act to balance and harmonize it.

Why and how does Horme work?

This traditional and esteemed, in Tibetan medicine the so-called “external therapy” has a very targeted and concrete effect on balancing life energy and its harmonious calming during a certain type of its disruption and dis-harmonic agitation / arousal.

This is manifested in today's abundant states of emotional imbalance, sensory depression or numbness and disorders, which in their consequences lead to bodily stiffness and pain. Against all this, the hormone offers its balancing, healing effect.


Benefits and examples of using Horme

With the help of Horme, it is thus possible to achieve the relaxation and treatment of disorders resulting from emotional disharmony and mental problems. It is a convenient part of the therapy of stress, anxiety, depression, emotional lability as well as insomnia. It can also have a positive effect on circulatory problems and treat pain felt in bones and muscles.  The hormone is especially effective as a special treatment for a woman after childbirth.

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