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Tibetan Kunye massage

Specific Tibetan reflex massage is one of the main and, according to tradition, the oldest external therapies of traditional Tibetan medicine. Due to its harmonizing and revitalizing effects, it has been mentioned and valued for millennia as a necessary part of the treatment process. At first glance, it is distinctive with its own, specific approach to the preparation and use of massage oils, which are flavored with purposefully chosen herbs. Even the pressure effect on acupressure points and energy foci in the body is supported by the thoughtful use of primary natural elements (stone, wood, shells, etc.)

When is it appropriate to use Kunye?

If you have long-term problems with musculoskeletal disorders and other manifestations that limit your trouble-free movement and normal functioning. If you have already tried many other methods, including a classic massage, and nothing has helped you. If you are tired, exhausted.

Stones on Foot
Pressure Point Massage

What will Kunye bring you?

Anyway, an extraordinary experience. If the Kunye massage is performed by an experienced practitioner, you will feel relief very clearly and quickly. however, you need to know that the problems you have come up with can be accumulated over many years, so you need to go to Kunye massages according to the instructions and for longer. The benefits of Kunye massages are long-term and very crucial.

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