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Meditation - meditation practice

According to Buddhism, the cause of all suffering and suffering is in the mind. "The mind precedes everything, the mind is the creator," and therefore the purification of the mind and its gradual clarification is in itself the primary treatment, the treatment of the whole being. Meditation can thus be conceived as a healing method - a method that crowns and completes all other methods.

Why meditate?

Meditation is the innermost, innermost therapy. Buddhist meditation is focused on our own inner source, the mind. Through its true awareness, taught by the Buddha, we can attain purification from all "poisons of the mind," exaggerated and unhelpful emotions that are the primary cause of all our troubles and ultimately illnesses. The mind of all beings in its original purity carries the highest wisdom. If we can turn to it and realize it, it also becomes the highest and universal medicine.

How to meditate and when?

True meditation needs to be built and developed. In order to bear its fruit, it needs to grow. This means regularity, as working with the mind should therefore be integrated into our daily program and gradually become a natural part of it. Buddhist meditation also carries an inner development, it leads us beyond the original need to help only ourselves to the knowledge that we are part of the whole of life, inseparable from others: people, animals and all sentient beings. The realization that we meditate not only for ourselves, but for all the beings connected with us, and together with the deepest in us and in them, gives meditation full strength and becomes an increasingly strong motivation. We call this awareness "bodhichitta," and  is the beginning of that healing wisdom,  which we need together with all sentient beings.

Meditation Class

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