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Our mission

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  • Through our encounter with the realized Lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, and also by listening to the Dharma - the teachings of the Buddha, we were able to gain an understanding of the interconnectedness and dependence of the health of body, speech and mind.

  • The Tibetan spiritual tradition, built on the principle of the Buddha Dharma, recognized very concretely and practically the full meaning, the synergy of the health of body and speech and the spiritual training of the mind.The activity of space, which constantly manifests itself under the influence of the forces of causality of the creation and extinction of phenomena, is in its essence absolutely perfect.

  • The purpose of inducing harmony, i.e. the health of the body, speech and the natural principle of recognizing the essence of the mind, is to understand the perfection of conscious space - that the most direct way to harmony and health is to be in line with the flow of causality.

"With these hands, we can help others. With our voice, we can help others. With our eyes, we can learn how to help others."

H.H. 17th Gyalva Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje

Our Mission

Our task, our wish

Our task and wish is to enable as many people - sentient beings - as possible to encounter traditional Tibetan medicine, and through it and its methods, the Buddha Dharma. KKPL will be a place that is open to anyone who feels the need to change something in their life. Through the authentic means of traditional Tibetan medicine, we want to help eliminate the difficulties caused by the current stress, the enforced loss of touch with nature around us, as well as with one's own inner nature and its conditions.

Those who are interested will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the spiritual sources: the corresponding teachings of Buddhism - as transmitted in the Tibetan tradition.


Our vision, our goal

Our vision and goal are to build/create a diamond and to provide its power to all who are interested. Tibetan word for “diamond” is "Dorje", which literally means "Lord of the Stones". It is a symbol of purity, transparency, clarity, and strength - the highest qualities and possibilities of the active human mind. We want to embody such activity towards healing in the services provided at KKPL. They will be paid, for as appropriate to the conditions and needs of our world, but if the person in need of care cannot afford to pay, they will receive treatment under agreed preferential terms, and in justified cases, free of charge.

We greatly appreciate your help

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