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Moxa - the flow of life energy

Moxibustion or Moxa, ie applying concentrated heat to selected points and places in the human body, is a method that effectively releases blockages in the flow of life energy. As a result, it supports, for example, the correct flow of blood in the body. In Tibetan medicine, it is not indifferent how heat is generated. The natural burning of herbs, formed in special moxibustion cones, their specific preparation, all this is important, it plays a role and creates art of its kind.

When is Moxa used?

Moxa is used where a properly activated fire element can help, which is a whole range of cases:  for difficult digestion and headaches, for all neurological problems, for lymphatic problems associated with excess and fluid retention, swelling and hydration. It is also an effective aid in osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism and inflammation of the tissues around the joint.


How does it work?

The heat that is generated by the slow and gentle burning of precisely selected herbs is applied to certain points of the body. Warms and removes energy blockages, restores proper blood flow and relieves pain. The action of the element of fire balances the disharmony caused by the predominance of other elements at certain points.

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