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Tibetan Yoga - Naljor

In the Tibetan Buddhist concept, yoga is used in meditative concentration, especially in long meditation retreats, as a means of cleansing and relaxing the body, speech and mind. In a simpler form, these experiences and practices have been taken over by traditional Tibetan medicine to take advantage of their external healing effect.

Why practice Naljor?

Tibetan yoga - naljor - unites in an intertwined,  organic whole body exercises, breathing exercises and mind concentration. It thus connects all levels of the human being and activates them in order to achieve the natural  balance of internal life energy.

   Exercise helps to relax and balance the body , which in this state allows you to realize the breath as a manifestation of the flow of life energy . The goal is harmonization, bringing this inner life force into initial balance. This balance of inner energy is then a source of both bodily health and relaxation and clarification of the mind.

Head Stand Pose
Women Practicing Yoga

What benefits will Naljor bring us?

Tibetan yoga Naljor heals both as a prevention and a means of maintaining health, and as part of treatment. In the body, in addition to the obvious improvement of mobility and flexibility, it also works to harmonize blood circulation, the effect of working with the breath can be observed in cleansing oxygenation and vitalization of the body, leading to the activation of parasympathetic nerves and increasing brain neuroplasticity. The overall harmonization of the internal rhythmic system helps at the very root and source of all difficulties: it helps the mind to overcome the effects of disturbing and negative emotions - ie anger, attachment, tense desire, confusion, etc. - and eliminate their consequences.  

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