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Tibetan Yoga - Nejang

The so-called "Tibetan Therapeutic Yoga" is a special set of exercises that originally came from the preparations of advanced practitioners of Buddhist meditation. These Tibetan yogis ("Naldorpors") used this exercise to balance their internal energy and to cleanse its centers and pathways in the body. As a highly effective harmonization method, it was then passed on to ancient Tibetan physicians to become a means of general treatment and prevention of diseases.

When is Nejang practiced?

Nejang consists of twenty-four physical exercises with elements of self-massage, which stimulate and relax the whole body and gradually act on all its components and organ systems. Follow-up breathing exercises  this stimulating effect anchors the flow of life energy in the integrating whole. This is followed by meditation, which combines the whole harmonisation achieved with the awareness of the mind. The effect and benefit of non-jang is therefore  complex, it is a complete harmonisation and vitalisation, also suitable for independent practice.


What are its effects?

The system of Tibetan therapeutic yoga "nejang" allows you to master and then independently practice a comprehensive purification and release of inner life energy in its organic integrity. With the help of non-jang, we can work on our own to prevent, stimulate and maintain our own health, even with daily regularity.

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