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Massage with Yukcho sticks

Massage with "yukcho" sticks, made of correctly chosen, flexible wood - bamboo, tavolnik, or even willow. Their natural flexibility and sensitivity in the hands of a knowledgeable masseur enable and enhance targeted accuracy and at the same time adequate sensitivity and strength of taps on certain, selected acupressure points.

When is Yukcho used?

Due to its specific nature, it is used where a particularly precise and graded massage action is required. It is recommended in a whole range of cases: from explicitly mental problems, through difficulties associated with the head and nervous-sensory organism and perception, to paralysis and stiffness of the limbs.


What are its effects?

Yukcho stick massage is used as a way to refine, strengthen and intensify the massage as such. The strokes of the flexible rod allow the concentration of energy disturbances and their effective release at a specific point. It is appropriate when we need to achieve a stronger and deeper effect than with a finger massage. With the help of yukco, it is possible to target and precisely influence the blood circulation and the physiological circulation of life energy.

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